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This is a blog that refelcts opinions and extends comments on the project. At this stage the blog aims mostly to reflect on the archived material and it makes no reference to actual material on the web besides these archives.

New Journal

GuestsPosted by angels Wed, May 13, 2009 13:50:08

Today I have finally updated my projects with a new link, a link to a new project where I am the editor of a new open access journal.

I applied for ISSN on Open Access Anthropology Day, as a way to mark the day, and I got a response from the ISSN team the next morning. I put the description on a link from my academic site and finally, today I came here to blogg about it.

The journal it is now official and it is called:

'Anthropology Reviews: Dissent and Cultural Politics' ISSN 2041-1405

I am consolidating the Editing Board and the Editing Advisory Board as I type and to inscribe it on the Open Access list.

The journal will be an open access anthropology publication to all publics (staff & students) and will publish a variety of papers, reviewed and non peer reviewed, research findings, commentary and will also have a dedicated site.

I am very please with it and I already got so many emails about it that I really believe we will make a good journal, one that explores other than just peer reviewed anthropological, paid, articles.

Also today I hope to put online one of the CD-ROMS but there are some technical complexities I need to deal with first to do with the download of plug-ins. We'll see how I manage that one this time.

For now, today I am beaming with hope...